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Congo Business Multi-Services Sarl is a company founded on 15th August, 2011.


Its main objective is to provide innovative, latest technologies, quality products to improve safety and productivity in the mining industry.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the ‘miner of choice’ for all stakeholders including contractors, the communities in which we operate and our shareholders by using the latest technology in order to prevent wasted natural resources in our work environment.

Our Values

Congo Business Multi-Services Sarl foresees a strategy of delivering competitive returns by:

  • Optimizing performance at each phase of mining value chain for metals within selected geographic areas (Anatolia Plate). This value chain spans exploration, development and operation of low cost, long life of base metal mines;
  • Building a portfolio of base and Greenfields exploration, combined with a focus on early entry merger and acquisition prospects in known mine regions; and
  • Gaining technical expertise across a wide range of leading edge mining formats and technologies.

Our company represents many quality industrial product lines.

Products and Services

Congo Business Multi-Services Sarl has become one of the market leaders in the field and has supplied all the major mining products and services to mines.
From inception, the company has been involved in a wide range of support products and services. Various types of temporary and permanent mine support systems were developed and launched. Continuous re-investment in the business has been made over the years to optimize quality, capacity, service and costs thus providing our customers peace of mind in the critical area of mine support.

We supply general mining equipment and machinery spare parts, general hardware, plant and machinery, leasing and general mining services.


A highly experienced team of Service Managers and Underground Instructors provide underground training and troubleshooting.
Congo Business Multi-Services Sarl strives to offer the best possible levels of service.

Product support

We offer technical advice and service to the local market for all products is available to mining.

Clientele Base

We service mines in the neighbouring regions. We also service government departments, institutions and ministries, including the private sector.


Congo Business Multi-Services Sarl is diverse and has various business ventures which include products and services.

Congo Business Multi-Services has three (3) departments:

  • Trading/ Supply
  • Drilling & Construction
  • Service delivery
Products & Services

Include the following:

  • Welding Equipment & Accessories
  • Submersible Pumps, Metal Fabrication, Piping Specialists – Installation, Mechanical works
  • Civil works, Acid proofed floors (tiles), Air conditioning & refrigeration maintenances & repairs Providing labor hire and excavation
  • Mechanical and spares
  • Mining equipment
  • Protective clothing
  • Stationery supplies
  • CCTV installation
  • Ventilation
  • Electrical installation
  • Trading
  • Transport
  • Electrical Supplies: Power generators, Power back up for both industrial, office and domestic Lighting systems: this include warehouse, street, office and domestic, solar power solutions
  • IT Hardware and office consumables: (Full Computer System, Servers, Printer , UPS, this include all top brand such as Hp, Dell, Toshiba, Canon, APC. For your office, home printing needs we supply consumable such as drum units, toner, ink cartridges).

We procure and sell the following:

  • Jack Hammers, Jack Hammers Spares
  • Hose Connectors
  • Spud (Male & Female) Jumpers, Drills Bits Bearings & Rubber Seals
  • Instruments, Sensors, Switches
  • Earth Moving Spares
  • Heavy Duty Tyres (All Sizes) Lubricants (All Types)
  • Stationery, Computers and Accessories
  • Electrical Spares / Components and Mining Consumables
  • Hardware and a Wide Range of (PPE)
Customer service

We have in place a 24hrs service available, including customer advice and assorted service contact schemes

Safety and Health

Congo Business Multi-Services Sarl recognizes the importance’s of high standards of occupational health and safety risks effectively in all our operations and to see that our activities, service or products do not harm employees, clients or members of the public.

Environmental Policy

Congo Business Multi-Services Sarl recognizes the business benefits that good environmental stewardship brings to the company, staff shareholders and the county as a whole; we are committed to implementing good environmental practices and to manage our activities in a manner consistent obligations, both legal and morally.

Quality Assurance Policy

Congo Business Multi-Services Sarl Quality Assurance Policy is based on our statement. Congo Business Multi-Services Sarl Quality Assurance Statement:

  • We will endeavor to have a zero rating of our clients rejecting our products or services.
  • We will without exception never compromise the quality of our product and services.
  • We believe that it is the inherent right of every employee to work in a safe and healthy environment.
  • We have a statutory responsibility to ensure that the requirements of conserving and sustaining the environment in which we operate from is complied with and implemented throughout the operations.
  • To archive the highest standards of occupational safety and health: we believe that personal involvement and quality of working conditions for all our employees, customers, associates and the communities within which we operate, to meet all law requirements – new or amendments thereof.
  • We believe in zero tolerance of safety deviation.

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